News: ROPC 2020, A Perfect Praying Time For Christians Globally #RPC2020


 ROPC 2020, A Perfect Praying Time For Christians Globally #RPC2020

The Christian community is one large spirited community that is undoubtedly doing everything possible to bring out the best out of the world. Getting close to God will make you understand that the best life you can ever think of to adhere to is the Christian life taught by Jesus Christ The son of the Living God.
Praying, Reading and Studying the Bible, singing praise and worship Christian song  etc., are various ways of getting closer to God and adapting into the perfect Christian Life every human needs to adapt to.

This can strongly be hindered with the fact that social media have dominate today's daily living as almost everything we do today seems to revolve around the internet. 
What a blessing will it be to Christians all over the Globe when a massive online prayer summit is put up on the internet to aid Christians around the world come together and Pray in one voice to bring out the Glory of God.

Rhapsody TV is a perfect platform to make this possible, The TV looked out to this possibility by Launching the Rhapsody Online Prayer Conference 2020.
The soon to start Prayer conference is set to kickstart on the 18th of December and end on the 19th of December.
The two days prayer summit will welcome everybody via it's online tv platform being, all you have to do is click on the website, Register and Participate, Do well to invite at least 10 people to do same and stand a chance to benefit from this life impacting prayer program.
To follow the prayer summit's information on all social media platforms use the #tag #RPC2020 

Live Stream Rhapsody Online Prayer Conference Below

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