Gist: Gospel Music Lovers Applaud Ernest Adat For Being A Blessing To Christianity


Ernest Adat  Gets Highly Loved And Applauded As He Announces The Release Date  Of  His Forthcoming Song Tagged "Who Am I "

The Nigerian Gospel Music Industry have found itself in the midst of topmost joy as they celebrate the appearance of another true Minister Of God. It is so obvious that true soul and life changing ministers have diminish in number for a while now as a result of the dominance of the modern society's secular music business. This fact is a paramount reason why the Gospel music industry recognizes and celebrate a good and true Gospel Musician when they see one.
Ernest Adat have been trending on social media lately ever since he announced the release of his forthcoming single tagged "Who Am i". The soon to dominate wave's Ernest Adat's Song is a follow up of the Man Of God's Numerous life enhancing Gospel Songs. These songs are "The Way", "You Are Great", and " Ekwueme ". 

The above mentioned songs have so far penetrate the Gospel Music World and have been a strong Ministration Tool to the Christian Community globally. " The Way " is presently the anthem of any true Christian out there, " The Way " is undoubtedly one of Ernest Adat's most accepted Record. 
Despite the fact that " The Way " is still trending with numerous charts' domination, Ernest Adat still decides to bless Christians across the globe with a brand new life's inspiring song titled " Who am i ".
The God's praising record is one song that will get entangled with zero hates and multiple love.
"Who am i" by Ernest Adat will surely dominate 2021 and will get a high flow level in the mouth and minds of every Christians. 

Ernest Adat have so far proof that he is God's sent and specially anointed and this have gain him a high star rating in the Christian community. Giving out a new soul touching song like " Who Am I " is a big boost to his level. Who am i by Ernest Adat is gallantly dropping on the 1st of January 2021 and it will undoubtedly serve as the first new year gift to every Christians. 
The Agric. Economics and Extension graduate have take doing good Gospel Music to be his most prioritized  lifestyle and Who Am I is just about to be the best outcome of this very lifestyle.

This facts have gained Ernest Adat's craft a top notch level in the hearts of Gospel Music Fans around the globe. He gets so loved and applauded over his good works. Ernest Adat seems not to get tired of dishing out nothing but good Gospel Ministering Songs and this serves as a big blessing to the entire Christian Community. 
Do well to patiently anticipate the soon to surface Ernest Adat's Who Am I record as it will surely sweep of your feet and get you into the heaven's mode.
Who Am I by Ernest Adat drops on the 1st of January 2021, be the first to download and stream it as God's most divine blessing will be your portion as you do so.
Do well to follow the Minister on all social media platforms via... Instagram: ernest_adat1
Facebook: Ernest Adat
Twitter: @ernestadat
Youtube:Ernest Adat. 
Or call him on +234 88063 155 279 or +234 8064 777 607

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