Lyrics: EmmyBangs - Electrix Shock


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I Put man Clack in a plug (Electric shock) all of me men em lit we make them shock
man can't Volt like we they know we plug
No man ain't like no Jack's (Jack's)
You know no jokes
All of me men on peak
Pulling with my geng on Ge go (Gewagon)
See Man things on package
Ybee man much average
All way no way spite on the bars no verse
See them vex pull up in a club man fresh
You! I be a Rapper with e high target
ah man so hard to get all of me Men on High package ah man hate beef Savage
Yaoh If e no be money I no the pick o
Man's not Kid no piko
We drip back then on kito
See Man now on jig o


A man so Bless! Pull off with a man no stress
Jah pon the man more Grace
Don't come to my place not fresh( Electrix shock) 2X


ELECTRIX Shock put that Clack in a plug( Electric shock)
Tick tick says the clock
We now do drip on plop (Electrix shock) 2X
VERSE 2: All of me men em lit (Electrix shock) Jah bless Man so fresh (Electrix shock) don't want no man Stress (Electrix shock) Man so drip on dress
Man so fresh don't want no man stress
Electrix shock Man so rare on trash No cash don't flash no no no No clash
(Electrix shock) Wong shi fao yao tai Sifu wong tai put the Shit on a flush (Electrix shock)


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