Gist: Ernest Adat, A Renown Hope To The Gospel Music Industry

Ernest Adat, A Renown Hope To The Gospel Music industry. 

The Nigerian Gospel Music Industry have So Far been doing great despite the unforseen challenges it might have been facing. 
The dominantion of secular music in the nation is likely going to be a big reason why the push in the Gospel music industry can be deminish. That withstanding, the Lord's thing will always remain the paramount thing in every aspect of life.
For the past years, decades and centuries, Music have so far been a great instrument to communicate within the human environment, as it is a magnificent platform to feed the soul as well. This is a more reason to expect something more sensitive in gospel music than the regular secular music, because it have gotten a lot to do with the soul than the body. Lately, great level of disappointment have pierce into the gospel music industry as many gospel released records no more portray vibes that can communicate with the human soul. A few release can do this job perfectly and it have been a worrisome thing to the Christian community as a whole. 
This  Turns to give the few gospel artiste doing the soul related music a great recognition And appreciation over what they are taking time and good energy to do. 
Ernest Adat is one name that can never fall out from the list of the few Gospel artiste doing this job and he is gaining the brilliant recognition he deserves. 
Records like You are Great, The Way and Ekwueme by Ernest Adat have proof this. 

These above mentioned records are evergreen records that will never go out of a typical Christian's memory. 
Min. Ernest Adat is one God's anointed Praise and Worship singer who have so far dish out amazing performances, touch lives with his stunning songs and bring God's immediate glory to surface. The young Cross Riverian is a graduate of Agric. Economics and extention.  

Ernest Adat have pass a concrete assurance to Christians globally that soul and live touching related Gospel music is not death. He have given the world a hope that even more of his kind of records will continue to surface in recent times. 
This was made clearly and assured after he came up with a public press carrying messages of him dropping another breathe taking song on the 1st of January 2021
Ernest Adat chooses to tag the anticipating record "Who am I" and it is hopefully going to be a great record to look out for.

Who am I by Ernest Adat is surely going to perfect every Christians' soul in preparation of the new year. 
With the so far released songs and the soon to drop Ernest Adat's song, it is normal to confidently say that Ernest Adat is another Renown Hope for the Gospel music industry. 
Do well to follow the Minister on all social media platforms via... Instagram: ernest_adat1
Facebook: Ernest Adat
Twitter: @ernestadat
Youtube:Ernest Adat. 
Or call him on +234 88063 155 279 or +234 8064 777 607

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