Insight Music: Demusic Linkup To Give Out 60,000 Naira On a Promotion Competition

Here is it.💪
The biggest online DJ/ARTISTE Summit COMPETITION 🔥.

Are you an Independent musician and you want your song to be on the most trending promotional mixtape online, get the whole social Media community to know about you and your song and also stand a chance of winning 10,000 Naira?
Or you're a DJ that want to be on the largest promotion brand's spotlight, host the brand's prestigious mixtape and also win 10,000 Naira?
Dlinkup DJ/ARTISTE 10 minutes mix competition is for you.
One lucky DJ and five lucky artiste are leaving the competition with the sum of
60,000 Naira 🔥🔥.
Follow these guidelines to grab this lucky chance.

1. Pay the sum of 1,000 Naira only to the bank details 👇

2. Confirm your payment with
Demusic Linkup Official contact line👇

3. After Payment confirmation, you will be asked to choose your group number. Groups are from 1 to 25.(each group contain 1 DJ and 5 artiste) So any number you choose is the group you belong to.

4. After that, you will summit your song to
Demusic linkup whatsapp line, we will send your song to your group DJ for him to make a 10 minutes video of him mixing your song and every other artiste songs in your group. (for the artists).

5. Your group DJ will summit his video and we post it on
Demusic Linkup Facebook page and tag you alongside your group DJ and and your fellow group artiste.

6. You and all your group members will now have to tag and mention your fans and friends to like and view your group video.

7. Video with the highest number of likes and views at the end of the competition wins the competition.

8. The winning group DJ will host our next promotion mixtape. And win his self 10,000 Naira.
Artist on the winning group will have thier songs on the mixtape for free and also win 10,000 Naira each.

9. Group with the second highest view will also get thier songs on the mixtape too for free.

10. Registration started on Sunday 10th Of May 2020 and will end on the 31st of May 2020.

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