Insight Music: Baze D Sureboy[A fresh hope good music]

Today on our Insight music segment, we'll be writing about Baze D Sureboy.
Baze D Sureboy have been a lover of good music from onset,with dreams of taking lead in the music industry someday.
Iduh Emmanuel Onah who is popularly known as Baze D sureboy came into the industry officially in 2017, this official note is as a result of the successful release and reign of his 2017 hit song titled "E GO PAY".
"E go pay" busted out Baze D Sureboy off the hiding bubble. The song took over The Benue State capital city[Makurdi] in 2017.
There in Benue state(the origin state of Baze D Sureboy), the song was loved by many as it gained the upcoming star an opportunity to perform on the prestigious annual Otukpo Street Carnival platform.
Baze D Sureboy grew up in Markudi, the city were he started his musical journey alongside his two loyal friends, namely: Sparkbeatz & LordLizo .
Sparkbeatz is presently a mutiple award winning music producer and LordLizo have deliberately  refuse to lack behind as he is also a top notch music mix & master specialist.
This amazing trio survived through mutual benefits, these benefits helped them took over the Benue state music industry in 2017 & 2018.
This was possible after they dropped three good banger that penetrated the city, these songs are "E go pay","Bawoni" and "Ochanya".
After this penetration, the trio decided to move out of the city with sole purpose of making it into the made music industry. 
Sparkbeat migrated to Lagos where he continued his music production, LordLizo moved to Abuja were he became a professional mix & master practitioner while Baze D Sureboy moved to Port harcourt (Pitakwa to be precised) were he gained his fame of making good music in the city, though he made us here at Demusic Linkup to understand that he's still observing how music go by in Pitakwa.
The top notch musical star came up with Disturbing Pitakwa Records to dish out his trending tune titled " Watsup".
Watsup, A song which he featured prevail is a motivational song for hardworking youths out there and discourages hatred among the youths.
Baze D Sureboy further make a note that he's working on two more songs which are set to drop between May & June.
This Dude is ready for the industry. Keep your eyes on him.

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